Case Study- Espresso Royale

Case Study- Espresso Royale


Service: Onsite SEO

Company Background: Espresso Royale Started in 1987 with cafes now in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Espresso Royale is a premium coffee shop offering a variety of teas and coffees including bulk wholesale beans to businesses and patrons.

Challenge: The online coffee space is very competitive. With most major departments stores selling online coffees the challenge was to push through the online clutter and become visible for customers searching online for either k-cups or bulk wholesale beans.

Previous site Issues: When taking on the project there where numerous issues with the onsite SEO portion of the website. The website was not using keywords properly, meta-data was duplicated, lite on content and images where not optimized.

Activities Performed:

  • Keyword research
  • Custom meta data writing
  • New website content
  • Images optimized
  • Sitemap installed


Prior to project:

Prior Rankings

Prior summary:

  • Ranked 1 – 3 keywords
  • Top 3 – 4 keywords
  • Page 1 – 5 keywords
  • Top 50 – 12 keywords

After project:

after project

After summary:

  • Ranked 1 – 3 keywords
  • Top 3 – 9 keywords
  • Page 1 – 13 keywords
  • Top 50 – 27 keywords

Overall movement resulted in 6% increase in online sales.